Pet Rest Memorial Park & Crematory

Dallas County’s Oldest Pet Cemetery
Ceder Box Urn with Certificate
Pet Rest Memorial Park and Crematory, the largest Pet Cemetery in Dallas County, offers a full range of burial and cremation services for your loved pet. We invite you to visit our cemetery in person and contact us with any questions that you may have.

Our Services and Products

  • Cremations
  • Pick Up from the Vet. Clinic
  • Burials
  • Pet Caskets
  • Granite Headstones and Flat Markers
  • Urns


Dear Rick, I’m truly grateful for your taking care of QT’s remains for me. I picked the box up from Dr. Myers earlier today. As you problably figured, I was definitely NOT prepared for her sudden sickness and death. Thanks for your friendship. Very truly, Roy Dimon, DVM
Roy Dimon, DVM