Private Pet Cremation

If you choose our Private Cremation service, your pet is cremated here at our local facility. Upon completion, you receive your pet’s cremains.

Your pet’s cremated remains will be returned to you in a decorative wooden Cherry Wood Box Urn. The urn comes with a brass finish nameplate and cremation certificate. The name plate will not be attached so you are able to place it where you choose.

The cremains are within a plastic bag inside of the Cedar Box Urn, so no spillage will happen. The bag is sealed with a twist tie for ease of opening in the event you wish to spread the remains.

Turnaround time is typically one business day from the time we receive your pet. We will either deliver the urn to the veterinarian office that we picked your pet up from or we have a lock box accessible 24/7 at our cemetery.

We do have other urn choices for an additional cost. You may schedule an appointment or discuss at drop off and we will be happy to show you the other options that we have in stock.