Our Services

At Pet Rest Memorial Park and Crematory we offer a variety of services to help you through the difficult time of loosing your beloved fur (or non fur) baby. Below is a listing of most of what we can do to help you:

If you choose our Private Cremation service, your pet is cremated here at our local facility. Upon completion, you receive your pet's cremains. Your pet's cremated remains will be returned to you in a decorative wooden Cherry Wood Box Urn. The urn comes with a brass finish nameplate and cremation certificate. The name plate will not be attached so you are able to place it where you choose. The cremains are within a plastic bag inside of the Cedar Box Urn, so no spillage will happen. The bag is sealed with a twist tie for ease of opening in the event you wish to spread the remains. Turnaround time is typically one business day from the time we receive your pet. We will either deliver the urn to the veterinarian office that we picked your pet up from or we have a lock box accessible 24/7 at our cemetery. We do have other urn choices for an additional cost. You may schedule an appointment or discuss at drop off and we will be happy to show you the other options that we have in stock.  
With our Private Cremation with Ground Burial of Remains service your pet's cremains are buried in our Urn Garden.

More Details:

This service is identical to our Private Cremation Service during the cremation portion. This means that your fur baby is cremated privately to ensure that their cremated remains are separate. After the cremation process is complete, the remains are placed into an urn and buried in a small spot in our urn garden. This service includes a basic marker with your pets first and last name.

Space is limited but it is possible to purchase a gravestone and place a small amount of flowers if you choose.

Our urn garden is part of our cemetery and can be visited 24/7. It is in a cozy shaded area.
Our cemetery is the final resting place to some 8,000+ pets. The burial service comes with a small plot of land (depending on your pet's size), the actual burial of your pet and a small temporary grave marker.

You can choose to be present during the burial (by appointment) or to just visit later. The burial process is done all in house. Some clients prefer to be present and watch while others prefer to do a brief funeral service. The entire burial takes us about 15 minutes. You are welcome to come early and stay afterwards as long as you wish.

We sell caskets and head stones (optional). If you have multiple pets, you may purchase multiple burial plots ahead of time so that all of your fur babies can be close together. Call for pricing and availability.

Once you purchase your burial plot, it is yours! We will keep the entire cemetery mowed, but it is up to you to keep your pet’s grave looking great! You may add flowers or other decorative items. Please don’t forget to clean up any old flowers or decorative items when visiting.
We offer custom made grave markers and grave stones. We also have a selection of special urns in stock. Call to make an appointment for full details and to purchase. 972-495-1858 Image Image