If your pet dies at home

If your Pet dies at home…

If your pet passes during business hours, call your Veterinarian and if needed we can pick up your pet from your Vet Clinic without extra charges, or you can call us at 972-495-1858 and schedule a time to bring your loved one to our facility.

Our answering service is 24 hours. Do not hesitate to call us 972-495-1858.

If your pet passes when your Veterinarian or our office is closed after business hours, we will be unable to pick up or receive until the following morning of the next business day.

  •  Make sure your pet’s body will be stored properly.

We suggest keeping your pet’s body in a cool environment.

Keeping the pet cool is the most important thing at this moment. You’ll want to store it in a cool place such as a refrigerator, freezer, or a container with ice bags if possible until next morning, or day.

Otherwise, if the pet is too large to keep as mentioned, it can be simply laid on a concrete garage or driveway and have a bag or two of ice laid on top of the pet until the following morning.

Remembering big pets are heavy and they must be stored and kept in a cool place where you or whoever is going to help you to remove the body will have no problems moving it.

Placing the pet onto a blanket with a plastic sheet is recommended to help to keep any clean up to a minimum.

Following these steps above will help you.