Frequently Asked Questions…


We offer cremation and ground burial services. We can pick up your pet from a vet within our service area or you may drop off your pet at our facility by appointment. For a complete list of our service check out our services page.
Yes please. We ask everyone to make an appointment with us if you are going to drop off your pet, inquire about services, purchase a gravestone, etc. Losing a pet is a sensitive time. In order to give everyone the privacy and space they need, we ask everyone to schedule an appointment to visit with us. Also, if you schedule an appointment this will ensure that our office will be staffed.

We can be reached at 972-495-1858
We do not offer pet euthanization. Please contact a local vet.
Any time! Our cemetery is open 24/7.
In most cases, we are a one business day service. This means from the point you drop your pet off with us or once we pick up your pet from a veterinarian we will have the process complete in one business day in most cases.
When we are working with a client, we want to devote all of our attention to them as this is a very emotional time. Our answering service can answer basic questions. For more complex questions or to set up an appointment, our answering service can send our entire staff a message. The staff member on duty will give you a call back during normal business hours.
If you choose a Private Cremation for your pet, you absolutely get back your pet's remains. As the name states, your pet is cremated "privately" to ensure that remains are from your pet and only your pet.
For safety reasons, we do not allow anyone other than staff around our crematories while they are being used. The entire process takes some time. We will have your pet ready for you the next day after receiving it (in most cases).
We partner with Charles W. Smith & Sons Funeral Home for any family services needs.